Corset Styles

Corset Styles -

The Mini

This is my mini corset style! This corset fits like a bandeau and features bias encased boning. This corset has a straight neckline and will have four brass silver grommets in the back!  This corset will be American laced.

The Strapless

The strapless is my strapless corset style with bias encased boning. This style features a classic straight neckline and corset silhouette. The corset is finished with brass painted grommets and a American laced style. 

The Peplum

The peplum corset is made traditional 1700s stay construction. The added peplum allows for this corset to be a playful take on a traditional stay. 

The Puff Sleeve


The puff sleeve corset features a princess line corset with boning on each seam line. The sleeve is a short puff sleeve. The corset still allows for generous movement as the sleeves are voluminous and airy. This corset has a low scooped neckline that accentuates the bust.

The Underbust

This corset perfectly hugs your underbust. This corset hug the waist tightly and is one of my favorite accessories!